Rolf Zuckowski celebrates his 70th birthday with Erzgebirge wooden art

The famous Hamburg musician, composer and author of countless well-known children's songs has designed the latest motif platform for electronic music boxes together with our wooden artists for the 25th anniversary of the song cycle "Die Jahresuhr".

Tutankhamun as a Smoking Figure

A 3000-year old legend comes to life in the beloved, traditional art form of the Erz Mountains!

Now more than 10hrs of music available on our electronic music boxes!

Many thanks to the Olbernhauer Musikkorps, which supports the makers of the first electronic music box with a part of its extensive repertoire.

Teaser of Christmas presentation at ELEMENTS shopping mall, Hong Kong

The team of MÜLLER HK designed a remarkable and successful Christmas exhibition.

Second Edition of the Rolf Zuckowski motif platform

Because of the great success of the first Rolf Zuckowski Edition we got a second edition in cooperation with Rolf Zuckwoski. This time it's all about easter and the little easter bunny, which misses his grandfather.

Our new easter bunnies are waiting for springtime

At the moment everything is covered under a big layer of snow but soon the spring will be back again and is going to revive the nature.

New music box is coming up...

Our ROLF ZUCKOWSKI EDITION of music boxes ranks among our specialties.

Even more high tech in music boxes

"You can count on Chemnitz" a special exhibition in the Saxon Industrial Museum of Chemnitz from June to September 2012 shows the development of calculating machines to supercomputers.

Amazing gifts for White Day

Next Wednesday, 14 March, is White Day - an important day of romance in Korea.